UPDOOT x Coded Solution MOU Inked

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MOU inked between UPDOOT Media & Coded Solution to foster Entertainment Web3 Projects
December 15, 2022

HONG KONG, Dec 5 (Press) — Mr. KW Justin Leung & Miss. Livia Yau, co-founders of Updoot Media and Mr. Yuen Khai Goh, CEO of Coded Solution Limited, signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at fostering collaborations between the two organizations and bringing innovations of blockchain technology to the entertainment industry.

This partnership will enable both parties to unlock business potential by implementing an easy-to-use web3 platform for fans to create, vote, and interact with their idols in a decentralized way. Riding on V Systems (VSYS) , the open-source blockchain network developed by Coded Solutions, the collaboration intends to establish a mutually beneficial partnership by encouraging cooperation and discussion around the latest blockchain and digital marketing development. This collaboration will facilitate mutual understanding in the related landscapes and opportunities to collaborate to build a global fan platform partnership program in the APAC region.

We believe this synergy will create more mutually complementary activities with huge potential to build upon each other’s impact.

About UPDOOT Media

Updoot is a web 3 Entertainment Fintech platform bridging the gap between fans, artists, producers, and investors all in one place. The aim is to address issues and solve problems for all entities involved in the production process, and to enable users to participate in Entertainment proposals, crowdfund, and partake in entertainment investment.

About Coded Solution

Coded Solution is a highly functional platform that implements permissionless and high-speed layer-1 blockchain services. Coded Solution provides blockchain infrastructure services with a focus on database and cloud services that is scalable and durable, with high finality, performance with highest resistance in security.



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