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3 min readMay 17, 2022

Introducing Updoot, a community-driven platform bridging like-minded individuals.

What is Updoot?
Great question. Updoot is a community-based platform built for fandom communities. Since the early 2010s, social media and forums like Instagram and Reddit have become essential tools for fandom communities, no matter what kind of fandom you are in, but we can see a power imbalance between leaders and community members as the system is bureaucratically centralized. Often fans are controlled and exploited by a faction of fan leaders which resulted in negligence of their wishes and desires.

This is where Updoot comes in.

Simply put, Updoot is a playground for creative people, an ecosystem for content financing, and a place for sharing & supporting each other.

So it’s an app?

Updoot is not just an app, but a platform that allows enthusiastic fandoms to gather, hang out and carry out projects however you want. And the best part is, it’s all community-driven! If you have an idea, post a wish on the app. After gathering your wishes, the community can vote on your proposal and the most popular one will be carried out!

Outside of the app, your fandom community can virtually hang out on your chosen Discord servers, catch up on the latest fandom news and make friends. Our social media update regularly and you are more than welcome to contribute to their creativities, let it be a meme or a video. Ultimately, Updoot is a community for the community and we want to provide you with new ways to be creative while allowing you to share your love for your idols with your community!

Our mobile app revolves around the mechanic of ‘wishes’. Just like uploading a post on any social media, users can upload their ‘wishes’. It could be a simple thought or a proposal for an elaborate plan on what you want your artist to do! As long as it is genuine, we will take it into consideration, because we believe they have the potential to grow into something big!

Once a wish is posted, the community can react, comment and vote on it, and eventually, the one that received the highest vote will be carried out!

The goal is to reach your favorite stars and make your wishes come true… so essentially, wishes function as a new communication tool between fans and their favorite artists!

What about the voting process? How do we know if the system is not rigged?

It sucks when you are asked to vote but have limited knowledge of how the system works. We know transparency is the key to a credible voting system, which is why you can view every single ongoing project on our mobile app! We also encourage you to rally for your wish on our Discord server with your community. More features will be introduced and improved on the app later on based on your feedback and rest assured we are committed to building the most transparent system for you to cast your vote.

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Updoot Media

A community-driven platform for you to share your love and organize fandom campaign with like-minded individuals.